Day 11 – Kyoto

Day 11 was our last day in Kyoto. Jim’s leg was troubling him, so he spent most of the day in the hotel and at a local Starbucks, writing.  Jim did visit a local commercial art gallery, the Imura art gallery.  They had a current exhibit by a woman, Kaori Watanabe, that I enjoyed, although I didn’t buy anything.  She did a nice job of combining a very traditional Japanese feel with some modern elements in her painting.

Imura Art Gallery - Kaori Watanabe
Imura Art Gallery – Kaori Watanabe

Ann went to the Municipal art museum, near the Heyin shrine.  Ann has a list of her favorite artists.



She then visited a street fair between the Municipal art museum and the Heyin Shrine.

Street Fair
Street Fair

Then went to the prefecture Library.  Great sculpture, but no children’s section of the library.

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Ann caught the subway out to Nijo-mae castle, then walked 30 minutes to Tondaya for a tour of a Machia (merchant) house. The family sold wholesale kimonos.  Elena from Mexico did the tea ceremony with Ann.

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Ann took a taxi back to Nijo-mae castle, taking a quick look at it.  Then back to the hotel.

That night we ate again at the Cafe-Creperie Le Bretagne.

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