Day 17 – Tokyo then home

Our final day in Tokyo started in Kanazawa, whre we visited the Owari-Cho district.  One of the more interesting sights in this historical district is  Mr. Kurando Terashima’s House.  The Kurando were a middle-class Samurai family.  The house has one of the most beautiful interior gardens I’ve seen on a house. Highly recommended.

Samurai armour - note how small the individual must have been to wear this
Samurai armour – note how small the individual must have been to wear this
Interior garden of Kurando Terashima house
Another view of the garden


Beautiful use of rocks in the garden
The garden from another angle
Note how the garden seems like a natural extension of the house


The garden viewed from the second floor
Interior stairway made with natural stones


Note how completely the interior and exterior blend – Fantastic!

We also had time that morning to visit the Omugachi market, which is brimming with energy. Great fresh fish, produce and lots of people watching.

Omugachi market


Around noon, we caught the train to Tokyo.  We checked into the hotel at Haneda airport. We stayed at the Royal Park Hotel, which is incredibly convenient, as it is directly attached to the terminal.  You can walk to the terminal in 5 minutes from your hotel room.

Before Jim flew out that evening, we investigated the upper floors of the airport, including the outdoor observatory.

Outdoor observatory at Haneda Airport
Outdoor observatory at Haneda Airport

We also visited a series of stores called Pop Tokyo, which would be a great place to take grade school or older kids when you are waiting at the airport.

Jim flew home to Seattle that evening, while Ann continued on to Australia the next day.  What a wonderful vacation!

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