Itinerary to Japan  (2016)

Tuesday, June 28th and Wednesday, June 29th (Night 1 at the New Otani)

Leave Tuesday at 7:30 am from Seattle to Portland on Delta flight 4608. Transfer in Portland to Delta flight 623, arrive at Narita 3:15 pm on Wednesday.   Stay at the New Otani Hotel 5 nights.


Thursday, June 30th (Night 2 at the New Otani)

Tour with Patrick Lovell (phone: 819033401505).  He will pick us up at the New Otani Hotel at 9 am.


Friday, July 1st (Night 3 at the New Otani)

A one day walking tour, starting off at the Tsukiji fish market, going to a department store food hall, visiting the backstreets of Omotesando, Meiji Jingu & Yoyogi Park and stroll along Naka-Meguro canal.  See here or


A one-day self-guided architecture tour. Begin at Asakusa Buddist Temple, then go to Meiji shrine, then to modern architecture buildings like Veloqx Building, Tokyu Plaza, The Iceberg, hhstyle, Jyre, Dior, Omotesando Hills, Kurokawa’s Kango-kyokai Building, Louis Vuitton, Todds Omotesando, One Omotesando, Prada Boutique Aoyama, From First, La Collezione and Nezu Musium.


Saturday, July 2nd (Day trip to Kamikura, Night 4 at the New Otani))

Day trip.  Visit the shrines suggested on pages 55-56 of To Japan With Love.  Take the JR Yokosuka-Subo Line from Tokyo station underground level to Kamikura, 920 Yen each way.


Sunday, July 3rd (Day trip to Nikko, Night 5 at the New Otani) 

In a day trip from Tokyo, visit Nikko, home to Toshogu, Japan’s most lavishly decorated shrine and the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate. Either on that day, or before, buy a 2-day Tobu Nikko “Free” pass for foreigners at the Tobu Sightseeing Service Center and the “Tobu Travel” travel agency in Asakusa Station. Should cost 2,670 Yen.  Round trip and all buses in Nikko.


Monday, July 4th (Tokyo to Hakone, 1 night here)

Travel to Hakone (2 hour train ride) and spend the night there. The area is known for its hot springs, museums and the view of nearby Mt. Fuji. Stay at the Yamanochaya Ryokan Tukimidai room A (prepaid).


Tuesday, July 5th  through Saturday, July 9th (1st night at the Kyoto Royal Park Hotel)

Travel to Kyoto in the morning (3 hour train ride).  Stay at the Royal Park Hotel.  Visit Nishijin (textile area, walk 5 in Kyoto book) in the afternoon, then Gion Shinbashi (Geisha area, walk 2 in Kyoto book) in the early evening.


Wednesday, July 6th (2nd night at the Kyoto Royal Park Hotel)

Visit Sanneizaka (Walk 1 in Kyoto book) in the morning, Kamigano Jinja (Walk 4) in the afternoon.


Thursday, July 7th (3rd night at the Kyoto Royal Park Hotel)

Visit to Sagan Toriimoto (all day)


Friday, July 8th (4th night at the Kyoto Royal Park Hotel)

Visit Fushimi (Walk 6) in the morning.  Free afternoon to visit whatever else in Kyoto


Saturday, July 9th (5th night at the Kyoto Royal Park Hotel)  

Day trip to Nara (or something else)


Sunday, July 10th (Kyoto to Himeji Castle to Miyajima Island, 1 night)  

Take the train down to Himeji Castle (1 hour), view the castle, then take two trains, down to Miyajima Island (about 2 to 2.5  hours). Stay at the Kinsuikan Ryokan.


Monday, July 11th (Miyajima Island to Takayama)

Take the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkasen train at 12:13 up to Nagoya, then change to the Hida 13 Toyama train up to Takayama, arriving at 5:22.. Stay there for 1 night, at the Oyado Yamakyu Ryokan.


Tuesday, July 12th (Takayama to Shirakawago)  

Spend a full day in Takayama, then take the bus up to Shirakawago. 4:10 pm bus from the Takayama bus station arrives in Shrakawago at 5:00. Stay at the Nodaniya Ryokan.


Wednesday, July 13th (Shirakawago during the day, bus to Kanazawa that evening)

Take the 3:55 pm bus, arrive in Kanazawa at 5:20 pm. Stay at the Hotel Trusty.


Thursday, July 14h (Kanazawa)  

All day in Kanazawa, visiting Kenrokuen, one of Japan’s best landscape gardens.  We might also see the 21th Century Museum of Contemporary Art. Stay at the Hotel Trusty a second night.


Friday, July 15th (Leisurely morning in Kanazawa, then train to Tokyo airports)

Leisurely morning in Kanazawa (perhaps visit the Omicho Market), then train to  Narita  (3 ½ hours).  Fly home at 12:10 am Saturday morning on Delta flight 636 to Los Angeles, landing at 6:45 pm Pacific time, then transfers to Alaska flight 463, leaving at 8:35 pm, arriving at 11:04 pm.



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